Mulled Cider

When the cold autumn winds start putting a chill in the air, you can't beat a hot mulled cider. This is a recipe we have used traditionally at Thanksgiving time and it has always been a big hit. This recipe is easy to make and it is versatile too...allowing you to add your own favorite spices.
It also fills your home with a wonderful aroma!

Items needed:
1/2 gallon of apple cider
15 whole cloves
1 orange
about 15 allspice berry pods
7 pods of cardamon
7 cinnamon sticks
2/3 cup of dark brown sugar

optional: one shot of Brandy or Rum

place the cider in a large pot, cover and heat it on medium-high. You will need to slice the orange, getting 4 to 5 good long, thick slices of it's skin. fold half of the cloves into the orange skins, pressing them in tightly. (note, this part may be skipped as it is purely for decoration when the cider is placed in a serving bowl) Place the rest of the orange and the rest of the ingredients in the pot and allow it to simmer for at least an hour. Add a shot of brandy at the end if desired. When done, you will need to sift out the floating spices and orange, except for the orange peels with cloves and the cinnamon sticks and pour the mixture into a punch bowl to serve.
From the kitchen of Mary Fischer

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